No matter how experienced we are, we all need advice sometimes. It might relate to something technical (how’s that latest piece of legislation impacting your organisation?) or something personal (how are you going to get that deserved promotion?) Our advisors are all hugely experienced and trustworthy – oh, except for that Nigel Snodgrass. Watch out for him.

Wednesday 7th May 2014
The HRville guide to...
Changing your boss's mind
Monday 14th April 2014
All's fair in love and work
Sometimes 'PDA' doesn't mean 'Blackberry'. What guidance should you give to people getting smoochy at work?
Thursday 10th April 2014
Snodgrass: 'Moonlighting'
'Dear Nigel, I have been working as a crime-fighter for a number of years, and really enjoy my job. One thing I can’t stand, however, is my outfit...'
Thursday 3rd April 2014
Office politics
Scotland, general elections, the European referendum – how can you stop employees having political barneys?
Wednesday 2nd April 2014
Pester Esther: 'Sad HRD'
Esther deals with a regretful HRD, coaching/mentoring, thick accents and tokenism
Wednesday 19th March 2014
Beware the Seven Elephants
You're interviewing a mature candidate. Here's what not to think while you're doing it
Tuesday 11th February 2014
Fighting the robots
There's only one way to insure your HR career against automation, says Gareth Cartman
Monday 3rd February 2014
Pester Esther: 'Engaged'
You've asked about engagement. Esther reveals what she considers to be the single biggest way to improve it
Sunday 2nd February 2014
Snodgrass: 'Mr Who'
'Dear Nigel, I have been happily employed in the same role for over fifty years. The only drawback is that every so often I am asked to ‘regenerate’...' What will Nigel advise?
Saturday 11th January 2014
Pester Esther: 'In confidence'
Esther looks at building confidence, inspiring change and not letting small-minded colleagues take the proverbial out of your profession
Friday 20th December 2013
Pester Esther: 'Necessary evil'
Esther looks at HR non-believers, people who smoke cigarettes and smell the pod out, the perils of floor-walking and whether or not you should sleep with your suppliers
Saturday 7th December 2013
Snodgrass: 'Nine to five'
Lennon, Parton and Knopfler are in desperate need. Thank goodness HR guru Nigel Snodgrass is here to help
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