Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, you can’t avoid people when you’re in HR. (They’re kind of the point, really.) Here, you’ll find interviews with people who have something interesting to say, stories about people who’ve made big moves, reports on people who’ve been in the news, and so on. Look out, too, for stories about organisations looking to hire top HR talent.

Friday 5th August 2016
One Thing We Learned This Month
Policy is rarely stronger than culture
Thursday 14th July 2016
So tired of waiting
The Secret Candidate: why are we always kept waiting?
Friday 24th June 2016
Looking the wrong way
Focus on the business not the function, says Rita Trehan
Friday 17th June 2016
'The Female Advantage'
Hoggett Bowers’ HR dinner addresses the gender pay gap
Thursday 2nd June 2016
A rollercoaster ride
Mike Williams: Where does your organisation sit on the lifecycle?
Wednesday 25th May 2016
Ask a silly question
The Secret Candidate: why do interviewers ask stupid things?
Thursday 5th May 2016
Testing my patience
The Secret Candidate: why do employers insist on stupid testing?
Wednesday 27th April 2016
Gender in the spotlight
How can actors help with diversity imbalances?
Wednesday 13th April 2016
Move of the Month: 4/16
Martyn Dicker joins The Prince's Trust as HR Director
Thursday 7th April 2016
The Secret Candidate
Meet the HRD who’s looking for a job – and sharing the experience
Wednesday 6th April 2016
Bosses suffer too
Toxic cultures also screw up senior executives, says HR Wolf
Wednesday 30th March 2016
It's been emotional
Today's leaders need EQ, says Byron’s Mike Williams
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