Time was when the only technology we needed to worry about was the kettle and the fax machine. Now, of course, HR technology is everywhere – and developing so quickly even the experts find it hard to keep tabs on it all. That’s why we’ve enlisted some of the best commentators in HR tech and briefed them to report on changes in (whenever possible) good old plain English.

Wednesday 23rd April 2014
The Seven Deadly Sins
Running an HR tech project? Here are the big obstacles to avoid
Friday 14th March 2014
Game of groans
HR is obsessed with 'gamification'. But what is it – and how is it being misused?
Tuesday 4th February 2014
No Facebook, no face
You might not be on social media. But as Gareth Jones argues, recruitment will prosper without you
Sunday 5th January 2014
Big data
Gareth Jones asks whether Big Brother, or Big Data, should be front of our minds
Tuesday 3rd December 2013
As seen on screen
The bottom line about video CVs. Who's done it well, and who leaves you watching with your hands in front of your eyes?
Monday 2nd December 2013
Shock solution to Facebook abuse
The ‘Pavlov Poke’ sends an electric shock to users accessing Facebook. Is this the end of the social media access debate?
Sunday 1st December 2013
Half a million fingers
Massive roll-out of biometric system in India makes your big project look like a fly swimming in a cup of tea
Wednesday 23rd October 2013
Bombing at interview
As candidates came in for their job interview, pranksters filmed them as the ‘window’ showed a meteor bombing into the cityscape outside
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