No more tears for HR services at J&J. Photo: Shutterstock

Tuesday 20th January 2015

Move of the month: 1/15

Johnson & Johnson lands a Dickens of a good HRD

Congratulations to Helen Dickens, who having started her career with biscuits (at United Biscuits, no less) has just been appointed as Regional HRD (EMEA) at the pharmaceutical and packaged goods giant, Johnson & Johnson.

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has always been a byword for baby care, a reputation that looks set to continue. They’ve just bought the rights for the ‘dot-baby’ (.baby) suffix name and signed a global partnership with Save the Children.

Sadly, these moves together may scupper our plan to register “”.

Dickens cites ‘HR transformation’ as one of her key skills, and has a proven track record with Symantec and, more recently, Shire Pharmaceuticals. Her successful reformation of the helpdesk at Symantec involved changing the automated phone’s accent from American to Irish. A gift of the gab, indeed.

One of the main joys of her new office near Wokingham will doubtless be its proximity to the Pinewood Miniature Railway. Full steam ahead, Helen.

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